Sculpture Techniques

High relief with hunting scene, XIII century, Temple Halebid (India)
High relief with hunting scene, XIII century, Temple Halebid (India)

The sculpture – an art form that creates a form in three dimensions – height, width and depth, using different materials and special technologies – carving, modeling and casting.

Raoul Hausmann
Raoul Hausmann
Thinking of our time
1919., 32,5×21 cm.
National Museum
Contemporary Art,

As mentioned above, the sculpture is a three-dimensional object having three dimensions: height, width and depth. If the object is not completely separated from its background, as is often found in the decoration of the monument base is a bas-relief. Perfect example – “Pharaoh Seti I and Hathor, the goddess of joy.”

If the forms are the product almost completely out of the wall, it is called high relief, such as “hunting scene” from the temple in Halebid India. And finally, if you can admire the statue from all sides, it is – a round sculpture, such as “Venus de Milo”. Sculpting can be of any material, but depending on which of them is used to vary the art.

Techniques adapted to content

OK. 1519-1536 years.,
marble, 277 cm (height).
Academy Gallery, Florence (Italy)

The main sculptural technique – modeling. Artist vyleplivaet hands of wax or damp clay forms, which it then “carries” with tools -shpatelya or stack. This technique is applicable for use with soft materials: clay, wax, plaster or clay. If a sculptor like Michelangelo create his “Slave”, working with a solid material, such as marble, stone, wood, ivory and precious stones for miniature form, gradually remove excess, then it comes to silk weaving. Sculptor can also create a model author that master specialist whip made of marble or stone, and its author later podpravit.Esli used material – bronze, casting technique is used. Liquid bronze poured into a mold made by the artist’s own model often gypsum. This technique allows to reproduce the model in several instances.

All sources of imagination

XX century is marked by an intense search for new forms: available is not enough. Contemporary artists seek to play even space and time. There schiesya sion of sculpture by wind or motor, as well as glowing. Techniques using the capabilities of modern production is becoming more and more, as well as materials. Artists such as Raoul Hausmann – traditional materials (marble and bronze) add various welded and forged parts (copper, iron, aluminum) as well as plastic, cardboard. They even use industrial waste, and everyday objects.

Art and craft

Art is different from the one essential point Crafts. The craft of the technical stuff is always the same: the mechanic, setting the rivet, enjoys once and accumulated experience. In the fine arts painters are constantly inventing new techniques to use them to create new forms.